Q: Are you licensed with a tax ID?
A: Yes. I am a business, just like your dentist, favorite boutique, or restaurant.

Q: Have you photographed large groups?
A: YES! Family reunion groups seem to hover just under thirty, however, I have photographed a group of almost 200 women!

Q: Can I call you today for a shoot today?
A: Yes. However, I may not be available! I've received many, "I need a photographer today! Now!" requests. From corporate head shots to corporate group photos to senior portraits - if we are available, we will be there. If not, I'll recommend someone who can do the work for you.

Q: So you refer out?
A: If the job is not something I am available for or if it is a genre that I prefer not to shoot, I will refer the job out. I am connected with a network of photographers and will happily refer you to someone who will do a great job.

Q: You don't have many weddings posted. Are you a wedding photographer?
A: I began business as a wedding photographer back in the "film" days. Although I photograph weddings, I prefer small weddings over large ones. I absolutely love destination weddings!  I have photographed many "mature brides"  and  if it is requested, the wedding images will not be published.  

Q: Do you offer albums - and at what price?
A: Yes. Price varies depending upon the size of book, type of book, number of images and pages, quality of book, type of cover, etc.    Albums start around $600-$700 for a smaller size and prices vary depending upon number of pages, number of images, type of book, quality of book, etc. 

Q: Who does your wedding albums?
A: KISS. Amazing leather bound albums, engraved covers, thick hand-cut pages. YOU can choose the color of the leather, the number of pages, and preview it all online.

Q: Will you photograph same sex marriages and commitment ceremonies?
A: Yes. And I have.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes. I process on a square.

Q: Can I get my photos and then pay you later?
A: No. I only release images to you when the job is paid in full.

Q: Do you shoot real HDR?
A: Yes. And fake HDR, too.

Q: Do you retouch ALL  images?  What about the ones I want printed?  And what if I want more extensive retouching - will this cost more?

A: Let me answer that with three points:

1.) All images are reviewed. Some undergo nada - as they are already awesome.  For others: crop, resize, stylize, convert to black and white, white balance, etc.  There is no extra charge for this - if this is how I present the image to you. If you decide you want a color  image printed in black and white, this is included when you purchase prints.

2.) Images that are selected for printing will undergo removal of facial imperfections (acne),skin smoothing (fine lines).  We can whiten your teeth, brighten your eyes - at no extra charge . 

3.)  Extensive retouching takes more time, and is sent out to a retouching pro.  He will charge YOU for his time, which varies per image.  Extensive retouching includes:  removing objects from the image, liquify or "bulk" ify (thinning and thickening body parts), changing clothing colors, swapping heads - simply, all photoshop work falls under this heading. Rob Follett is the one to contact regarding photos on this site. He has access to all, and can easily create photoshop magic!  

Q: How long will it take to see my images? Receive my prints? My canvases? Books?                         

A:  Again, I'll answer in sections. 

1.)  Can't wait to see those images? Neither can I!  I generally begin processing your images with 24 hours of our session.  I'll shoot you an image via email - post one on FB for you, if you'd like.  When I'm in the upload to smugmug process, I'll send you a link so you can see your images ASAP!  That said, each session is different: an hour session will not have as many images as a full day Bar Mitzvah or a wedding.  For this reason, I would say, "Give me two to four weeks" - and you'll be quite pleased when I'm finished faster!   

2.)  Once you okay your print order, I will again review all images prior to sending it out.  I generally aim to send out orders within 24 hours of placement.  I use a professional lab for prints, and cannot give you a "delivery date, however, your images are generally in your hands within 7-10 days - this is drop-shipped to you.

3.) Once the order is placed, drop-shipped canvases  generally take 2-3 weeks for my clients to receive at their door.

4.) Books.  This also depends upon the complexity of the book, the vendor selected, etc.  Once a book is created for you  ( a deposit is required to begin this process),  you may "view" your book online and then sign off on it.  Once it is approved by you, final payment on the book is due, and the book is ordered.  KISS Albums are gorgeous, hand cut, and take 6-8 weeks on the low side.  I will keep you posted, as they update me of your album's progress. 

Q: Can I get digital files?

A: Experience has proven that most people who order digital files toss them in a drawer , neglecting to print, make books, etc.  And, if they do "print", they rush to a low end printer and get terrible quality prints with muddy colors, bad crops, etc.  For this reason, I   will only offer digital files in a smaller size for social media, printing for announcements, thank you notes, yearbook images, etc.   Can I offer "FULL SIZE"? Yes.  But, I will charge you a premium and beg you to go to a professional printer.  Please, allow me to service you by printing, framing, etc.

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