Building a Portfolio

Building a modeling portfolio generally doesn't happen over night.  You want to become a model, get those jobs that make you famous or recognized - YOU -  projected in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and more.  And to begin, you'll need a few things, among them: images that SELL YOU as the person the client wants. 

I'm in the unique position to assist.  As a former model who worked in LA and Miami markets,  ran fashion shows for a mall, trained young models in Boca Raton, my knowledge of print, commercial, and agency is pretty good.  I know hand positioning, flattering body angles, and flow of composition in the photo are all important, and I'm highly conscious of this during our session. 

What you must understand is that you are a product - selling you.  First impressions count.  Auditions begin with a quick glance at an image - and whether or not you meet the "look" criteria.  Further image scrutiny is important. Can YOU deliver with personality? Do you have a hobby or sport that can sell you better?  Can you go from rough and tough to diva or gentleman?

Our  model and actor starter package is what you need.   Generally, the more looks you can represent, the better the opportunity to get called for audition or a "go see". 

Start with one amazing headshot. Add different "looks" via clothing changes. 

Pricing is simple
You pay a session fee - decide on the length of your session. We will shoot for at least an hour at one location.  Afterwards, you select and purchase the images you desire. Need your agent to peruse them? No problem I'll set up a perusable gallery for the agent. 

Make up and hair artists, "HMUA" is advised.  You can use your own, or I can assist in hiring someone for you.  This is an extra fee - determined by the artist, payable to the artist. And please, don't forget your fingernails! 

Digital image delivery.  Images sized for reproduction no larger than 8x10.  You will have the ability to duplicate at will up to this size, as the use is for marketing you.  If you desire a larger digital, then  regular digital rates apply, ($185 per full size digital exclusive use).

As per usual, a session fee of only $195  for the first hour is charged. Additional hours can be added on at time of session. Most portfolio builds/ branding sessions  need two hours minimum.  Two hour session time: Only $295. 

Perfectly printed images are sold separately. 8x10 / 8x12 images are $125 printed, $185 retouched digital file. 

Contact me today.  Let's get you started!

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