Prints & Canvas


All of our purchased prints  of 8x10 or larger are  retouched. That little blemish that surprised you this morning? Gone.  The knick from the razor? Healed.  The image that will be on your wall will be perfect.  Images are printed on archival paper, and coated to last a lifetime. These are not your average prints!  Included with each fully retouched print will be a social media file for sharing that particular image. 

8 x 10   or  8 x 12    125
11 x 14    175
20 x 20     250
24 x 36     480
30 x 30     500
30 x 40     650

Print packages

Many of  our clients look to purchase a variety of gift sized prints. These are retouched prints on archival paper, coated to last a lifetime. Out of state? These will be gift wrapped and drop-shipped to your home in the continental US.  Images will be printed at the appropriate orientation size.  

Print packages save you dollars: 

5         8x10/8x12's         550          (110 ea)

10       8 x 10/8x12's      1000         (100 ea)

20       8x10/8x12's        1800         (90 ea)


With any print package, you will receive social media sized images of your selected prints for sharing! 

Add ons:

5x7 of above selected images are a special offering ONLY available with Print Packages at the time of the initial order. These are great for gift-giving!

Add 5 (same images)     +150

Add 10 (same images)   +250

Add 20 (same images)   +400


Canvas wraps with black edging are one of my favorite ways for families to showcase their images. Take it a step up, and add a frame, creating an impactful piece for your home.  Frame price will vary depending upon the frame and size of the canvas. 

20 x 30    480    

24- x36    690

30 x 30    720

30 x 40    960

Individual Digitals

Sometimes, you just need that digital! Whether you need to share a family image (and make your own prints - hint, holiday cards! ), or need it for use for local media purposes (magazine, newspaper advertisements), I will edit the image you choose so you can put your "best face forward".

Full size  digital image                           300

Reproducible to 8x12                             185

Reproducible for social media only     100  (Not recommended for printing.)

Digital File Info

Often, clients ask for ALL the digital files. This is considered a shoot and burn and is NOT offered for portraiture.

Years ago, I learned that shoot and burns misrepresent my brand. I entered a venue, and there were eight poster size images of a beautiful girl. But the images were not beautiful. The crops were bad. Filters were added.  The color was off. Pixelation was huge. I was mortified.  I swore then that shoot and burns made me, and ultimately my business, look bad.  

I know, you want to share your images with your friends and family. With any purchase of print or wall art, I will send you the corresponding digital file in social media sharable size. After all, you do want your friends to "Oooh and Aaah". 

If you truly "MUST" have them all, my session buy-out price is 2000- plus tax. Basic enhancing of color, horizon line only.  Sent out in an 8x12 repro size. 

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