Private Photography Tours

If you're like me, when  you're on vacation,  you want to see and do as much as you can in the shortest time possible.  And when I travel, I spend hours researching where to go, what to shoot, best time of day, etc.  Often, I think, "Wouldn't it be great if a LOCAL photographer could show me around? Guide me? "  After all, minimizing the time away from family to "do my thing" is important.  Private photography tours are just that.  Me - taking you - to the places you want to go in the Park City / Wasatch Back / Heber Valley area to capture images that you'll want to display on the walls of your home. And, you'll have a new friend in Utah:)

*Receive personalized feedback from a professional photographer, including 1:1 feedback, in the field, on how to improve your skills and capture that image!

*Great value: Less than a hired car service! If you had to hire an Uber or Lyft driver for four hours, you'd be spending much more and not know where to go!

*Pick up new techniques!  From "How did you do that?" inside the camera techniques to advance your skill set.

*Move to manual mode - and have more control of imagery creation.

Half Day Private Tour 

Enjoy a half day tour, at your pace around the beautifully picturesque Wasatch Back. We will travel to a myriad of locations in a luxury all wheel drive car, stopping to capture images that will soon grace your walls.  

Single Person $400

Two person  $550

Three person $650


*Pickup and drop off at a local (Park City) hotel or rental property.

*Transportation to various locations to capture your images.

* Energy bar type snacks, bottled water

*1:1 in field feedback 

*Personalized instruction on how to improve your skills and learn more about photography via ISO and light, bookeh and F-Stop aka Aperture; camera settings - what is A? M? and can you shoot out of "P"? Stopping motion to motion blur. Please let us know what it is you'd like to learn! 

Tour Locations may include:

Park City

Heber Valley and Midway (

Woodland - Peoa - Francis 

Wasatch Mountains - Mirror Lake Highway - Provo River Falls  (seasonal) (1/2 day + )


Special entrance fees into fee related areas (state and national parks)


Tax and tip


Forgot your camera? 

Use of full-frame Nikon D700 camera and lens while on tour only   $35

Memory card - it is advisable that you purchase a card at Best Buy so that you may take it home and process your own images.

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