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Wedding imagery 


Two hours + thumb drive = $1300

Four hours + thumb drive = $2300

Six hours +  thumb drive  + extra photographer = $3500

Eight hours + thumb drive +  extra photographer = $4500

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Gold               $4500

Eight hours

One location: Park City area

Two photographers 

Custom Crystal thumb drive

Custom web site for ease of sharing with friends and family.

Two hour engagement session in Park City

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Silver             $3500

Six  hours of coverage.

Second photographer 

One location: Park City area.

One custom crystal thumb drive mailed to your home.

Custom website for ease of sharing your day with friends and family.


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Simplicity       $1300

What you want when you are on a budget  or time is tight. 

Offered only for small weddings - and small guest lists of under 30.

Two hours.

One location: Park City area only. 

One photographer - me.

One crystal thumb drive mailed to your home.

Web site for ease of sharing imagery with friends and guests.

Additional hours can be added  @ $500 per hour.

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Ala Carte  (add on)

Engagements - Two hours of Park City Destinations   $1200

Extra photographer @ $150 per hour

Extra crystal thumb drive in a linen box $100 per

Destination : travel costs, extra luggage fee for gear, lodging, per diem, for two nights minimum

Wedding albums : starting at $750 for a 12 x 7 mini

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