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Just the Two of Us

Mini  Adventure Elopement Package
$1500 2 hours

This package is reserved for just the couple, two witnesses, and the minister. Photos delivered in an online gallery ready to share within 72 hours.

We will head out to multiple locations, capturing just the two of you in natural and posed photos.  Uintas? You got it. Hike up a hill for sunset? We can do that, too.
A whisper in an ear
A neck nuzzle
A shared secret
A dance in the middle of a field

I'll even bring the bouquet.

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We need a minister! 

I've got you covered! 

Deborah DeKoff of Park City Photographers is a minister with the American Marriage Ministries!  I chose to become ordained after recognizing that a minister photographer would be unique and much needed! 
I believe Love is Love. 
Proposing in the morning and getting married at night...
Imagine, hiking a favorite hill at sunset...
Falling in love with falling in love all over again for a vow renewal.

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Utah Marriage Laws

In Utah, there is no waiting period before you can get married. Propose in the morning, get married in the afternoon!  

Visit the County Clerk's office with the following documents

An in-person application with both applicants present at the time of application. Full names, addresses and dates and places of birth of both applicants. Social security numbers of both applicants, unless an applicant doesn't have a social security number. Names and birth places of the parents of both applicants , including mother's maiden name. Valid picture ID such as a passport, birth certificate, driver license, or state ID card.  license fee - this is charged in most counties, which includes two certified copies of the license.

Visit the Summit County Clerk

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