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When people view a retouched image, it shouldn't shout RETOUCHED! 
It should look natural, and just LIKE YOU.  


Basic Facial Retouching

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Basic facial retouching

Basics are expected, and included in any purchased 8x10 or larger image.  This means that blemish that showed up this morning? Gone. Those teeth that need a little bleaching? Done. Brighten up tired eyes? A given. 

Here's is what's to be expected: 
Blemish removal.
Teeth whitening.
Soften facial lines and fatigue.
Remove slight redness due to cold.
Eye sharpening and brightening.
Fly away hairs removed.

We won't add eyeliner, remove your moles, change your lips or eyeshadow colors without your approval.

High-end retouching is a more extensive photoshop procedure.

Here is what is included as "extensive"" :

Swapping heads
Reshape facial features - narrow a nose, thin out jowls
Remove wrinkles, stains, and pet hairs from clothing.
Thinning bodies - or pumping them up.
Resurface face. 
Changing the color of clothing.
Removing or adding objects to the background. 
Removing braces.
Removing glare from eyeglasses - if possible.
Adding hair.

Does not include moving people or adding people to an image.

$30 per person 
$120 family image. 

Replacement of background

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Every now and then, it is requested that a new background be given to an image.
Here is an example of a background swap. Additional work was done to this image, which is on the cover of an album. Can you spot the differences? 

Extending and replacing backgrounds  also fall into this category, depending upon the extensiveness.

Prices vary, depending upon what my photoshop guru charges me.  Minimal charge: $30

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