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What do YOU desire? 

Let's discuss your dreams and desires and your wants and needs.  From images taken atop of a mountain pass to your favorite Park City location; who the subjects are and their personalities, here is where I'll get to know you!  There's a reason you want professional images showcased upon your walls and down your halls.   From wall art including framed canvas prints, acrylics, and gift prints, we are here to assist you in getting what you want.


Where will your images be showcased? 

Your home's decor may dictate your clothing choices!  Share an image with us regarding the place in your home you're planning to showcase your art. We'll happily offer suggestions regarding size, color selection, and more. 

If props are needed, we encourage you to bring them.  If you have special prop requests, such as a summer picnic basket with checkered table cloth, or a birthday cake, these are not included and  would be an additional expense. 

Retouched image - but not final. Final image: all wings, no pillows.


From arrival to departure, we are here and ready!

We've scouted out the perfect location, decided on perfect angles, and have arrived 15 minutes early to set up and test lighting.  Be ready to move about in different pose permutations, move about the general vicinity for a variety of backdrop choices, and smile away! 

Need a place to change? We can bring an onsite changing room!   Just ask! 

Reveal and Order...

The excitement is at its peak!

Approximately one week from your session, we will set aside an hour  to reveal your images!  If you live in Park City,  your reveal can be held in the comfort of your home (or Zoom). Here, we can discuss the location for the images, framing and matt options, and more. You will  see your images enlarged on your TV.  (I'll be prepared with an app on my iPad, and a dongle (unless you have Apple TV).   We will help you narrow down your favorites, and  select those you wish to showcase.  From framed Canvas Wall art , to Acrylics, and gift prints, we'll assist you all the way.  

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Deck the halls never felt so good!

If you are a local, we will happily deliver the images to your home, and assist in hanging them in that perfect preselected location. If you are out of town, or out of state, we do drop ship anywhere in the continental US.  Know that orders with a variety of print products may arrive at different times due to vendor production. 

A four week window is average for time from selection, post-production photoshop, and printing. 

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