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About Deb DeKoff, photographer

I have a sense of humor.

I am a former model. And having been on both sides of the camera gives me a bit more insight into the world of modeling, acting, and visualizing images that sell.  I'm acutely aware of hand positions, flattering body poses, and what to do with those limbs. 

I love learning. I have multiple degrees and endorsements.  I have an AA, BS, and earned an MS degree in education with an emphasis on leadership.  I'm endorsed in gifted and talented education, and ESL.  I hold an active cosmetology license in the state of Utah, too. 

I do not watch TV. There are too many awesome things to do in life.

I play acoustic guitar. Sometimes. I have a Martin and a Taylor. And an Ovation 12 string. And a Cordoba classical. I cannot memorize music. I have to read it. I taught myself how to play when I was eight by listening to Neil Young play finger style. Maybe that is why I cannot sing - Neil's voice is a bit cacophonic - and I tried to sound like him.

Exercise is important to me.  I enjoy running. Kind of. It's a hate/love relationship. I hate getting started. But, after the first 1/2 mile, I love it. I am not fast, in fact, my goal is to break an 8 minute mile.  Best time? 8:11 - on a treadmill.  I do find lifting weights is cathartic - in a way that no class can deliver.  

I don't do boring well. Not at all.
I am energetic. This is a gift. It allows me to be all that I can be.

I am a cancer survivor and a life thriver.  I've had awesome care at the Huntsman Cancer Institute - and when one has been hit be a disease such as cancer, life is never the same.  Life is for living and learning and loving and enjoying, not just being.  I relish capturing moments of my life as I travel  with my husband (and sometimes travel with my grown sons.)  

I don't cook. I do not desire to cook. I have tried. No one will eat it. Not even me. I can exist on fruits, vegetables, and energy bars and protein drinks. And coffee, we cannot forget coffee - or a great cup of loose leaf tea.   Thanks, Bill, for cooking.
I believe personal photography projects keep the creative juices flowing - as does anything that stretches my creative muscle.  One such penchant is photographing classic cars, and anything that is vintage, antique, or simply "old".   I feel as though I am preserving time this way.

Speaking of preserving time - that's what photographs are about - capturing memories, for all time.  Give me a call.  

What's in the bag?

Truly, it now depends upon what I'm shooting. 

Nikon has been with me for decades. Nikon lenses, Nikon strobes.
But recently, I've discovered Sony and fell in love with an AR7III, and of course, have a few Sony mirrorless lenses to go with it.  It's like being the parent of two kids.  You love each equally. 

A great Think Tank Bag.

Mag Mod modifiers.

Black Rapid Strap (thanks, Black Rapid!)

Pelican card case (thanks, Pelican!)

And Buff stuff for my studio, Flashpoint for out in the field.

Lights, camera, action!  I'm ready! Are you?

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