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Base price

Base price is the service fee to come and photograph your property. Adjustments of items, props, etc., will be made to enhance visuals during the session. Online tax info may be used to confirm the size of your place.
Square footage / price Up to 1000' : $150
Up to 2500' : $200
Up to 4000' : $350
Estate (over 4000') $450

Add Images

A minimum of ten images must be ordered in addition to the base price.
10 $100
20 $200
Extra images $10 ea.

Twilight Images

Extras Twilight images (return to site)
includes two exterior images +200

Example #1

Example: 4000' home : 350
With 20 images : 200
Return at twilight : 200
Total: $750

Example #2

Example: 700' rental condo $150
With 12 images : $120
Total: $270


You will be billed at the time of booking for:
Base price + ten images. 
You can add what you'd like after.

If you'd like Twilight images, these will also be billed at time of booking. Note: Due to weather conditions, twilight images may not be taken on the same day. Therefore, expect a delay if conditions are not right. 

Not in Park City?

*Outside of Park City is considered any distance greater than 15 miles from Kimball Junction. A time charge will be applied at $60 per hour, billable in 15 minute intervals. This does not include airfare, lodging at destinations (if applicable).


Tax is mandatory and additional at 8.45% in Summit County. EIN number to be provided for businesses upon request

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