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Greg : Entrepreneur

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 We shop with our eyes. Buying is an emotional decision.  First impressions count.

When your ideal client visits your webpage, will he/she connect immediately with you? Do the images tell a story of of  who you are, what you do, what you love?  

Personal branding  influences customers to think about you with a desire to connect. 

Justin : Musician

A personal branding photography session is a must in today's visual market place, and having a multitude of images you can pull from to keep your webpage and social media presence fresh is necessary.  

Here are a few ways to use your images:
Instagram, Facebook, Newsletters, post cards, printed marketing, e-blasts, press releases, web landing pages, rack cards, business cards, speaking engagement announcements...

Did you know that posts that contain images have 120-180% more engagement? 

Victoria's Beauty : Make up artist

Personal branding goes beyond the normal head shot session, and the planning does, too.

We will discuss your business, brainstorm ideas, and create a story board of visions. 

Logan: Actor/Model

What makes you different from your competition? How do you stand out?

Actor's head shots are generally a bit more dramatic, shot on a dark background with great lighting. Model's head shots seem to be a bit more clean: shot on a clean or white background.  

If you can change your look with the swipe of a razor, a haircut or outfit change, this must be shown in your model branding portfolio. 

Images of Logan were shot within a four month period. It's imperative that he portray a "fresh faced" youth look, leading man style, and pro-athlete as these are his target roles.

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