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Head shots 

Putting your best face forward… 

More and more business professionals and entrepreneurs are creating accounts on social media marketing sites such as Linked-In every day, and the first image presented on YOUR page is...your head shot. In social media, where one should "put their best face forward", a quick perusal of hundreds of connections inform that this is most often not the case.  Approximately 1.5 out of every 10 people have a professional photo. I read this as image conscious. I read this as professional. I read this as organized. And when your “face” is also the face of your business - what people connect with - it makes sense to present your best.


One image, shot in studio  180 + tax

Your 30 minute - one on one - studio session begins at only $180. This includes unlimited wardrobe changes  within the time frame to achieve several looks;  one digital image of your choice in the file size and type required by your marketing team, and facial enhancing on this image (removal of fatigue, blemishes).  We can select image directly after our session, or you can choose from the "best of" - with an online gallery of your images to choose from. Additional images can be yours for only $100 each (includes basic skin enhancement).    This is ONLY for studio head shots, not on location images.


One image, shot on location   180 + 45 location fee

Your on location investment begins at $225 for a single person and a thirty minute session which must be within the Park City proper area. Other locations, including out of town, state, and even country, can be had for an additional fee - depending upon time and place. Just ask! Do keep in mind that head shots are by definition, close-up images - waist up. If you desire a wider variety of images that includes full length, the longer session is advisable. Always wear the pants, skirt, etc., that work with your outfit as often the waist line may show. 

A 60 minute session is advisable if you need a wider variety of looks, multiple outfit changes, and are on location. A pop - up changing room is brought to a Park City site for your convenience. This session is only $475 and includes three retouched images. 



Perfect for professionals who want images of the town, aspen groves, or the infamous white barn in the background!  Grab an image for each season!  This works well for a trio or a group of professionals who need an image of the team together, with additional head shots for solo pages and marketing. 

These are NOT RAW images.  Images are reproducible up to an 8x10, sent as jpg files, for use in marketing YOU.  


Additional image: 80 (per image)

Rush service: Same day delivery +50


On location at your Park City or Salt Lake workplace!

200 per hour, plus $80 per selected headshot per employee. Basic retouching included. (Brighten eyes, whiten teeth, remove minor skin imperfections.) Expect one image per each five minutes or approximately 12 employees per hour. NOTE: session times will vary depending upon the needs of the team member. Some may take a shorter amount of time, others, longer. It is possible to photograph more team members within an hour, capturing multiple expressions and poses. Ten employee minimum. 

Example of savings:

In studio regular fees: 180 x 12 employees = 2112

Corporate on location: 200 session + (12 employees x 80) = 1160.

Perfect for busy corporate, realtors, conferences, etc. 

Private locked gallery with password access for administrators.

Cloud delivery or zip files.

Head shot sessions are generally turned around within a week.

NOTE: special services require additional time.

Basic retouching of skin is included. Adding hair, recoloring hair, recoloring clothing, adding backgrounds, removing braces, etc., is a special photoshop service. All special services are sent out and are billed at $85 per hour. 

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