Food Photography must be special and unique to the restaurant that requests it.

Our goal is to bring diners through your doors.  Your authentic food, your chef, and your kitchen.

We'll begin by discussing your needs, wants, and desires. We'll talk about food flow and work flow. We'll talk about food placement, props, colors, set ups, and the best location at your restaurant to capture all of this.   And, when everything and everyone is on board and set,  we'll come back and photograph your delectable dishes.

On the day of the session, we'll take images of every dish you place in front of us from multiple angles. We'll use different lenses to capture details to the entire set up.  Your chef and/or food stylist, and I will plate the food, making sure that every last morsel is exactly where we want it. 

Afterwards, I'll peruse images selected a vast array that will deliver the impact that you want.

And then I make it super simple - I'll upload the images to this site, password protected.  YOU or your marketing person can pull any and every image you want from your gallery.  Easy. Fast. Done.  Images that call diners in. 

Contact me today to bring diners through your doors tomorrow.   

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