Thanks for connecting with me!

Here are a few questions that will assist me in better helping you!

Job related:

Where is the job?

What is the intended set-up?

What is the intended use?

What is it that needs to be photographed? What needs to be included in the image(s)?

Image licensing/usage questions:

What will the images be used for? 

Billboard? Magazine advertisements? Corporate websites and presentations? Instagram and social media?

Fees to consider:

Creative fee - 

Post - production - (photoshop)


Location fees and permissions  - Permissions must be granted prior to arrival, and fees paid in advance to reserve location. This must be paid for by the client in advance. 

Rentals - Photographic equipment, i.e., additional lighting, special lenses

Travel - It is imperative that we communicate on travel : airport location, airline, luggage fees, lodging, transportation.

Additional photographers, assistant, wardrobe assistant.

Props - 


Talent - Models should be booked through the client.  I can recommend great agencies and fabulous models if need be.  

Number of images expected

Session expectation - how many images, changes of clothing, products, etc. are desired?

Delivery method:

Dropbox, cloud, thumb drive, google drive. 

Commercial Imagery Gallery

Adrenaline Lacrosse Apparel

Adrenaline Lacrosse Apparel

Client's include:
Park City Style Magazine aka, PCStyle

Neighbors of Park City
Dishing - food and portraits 
Mountain Momma Cooks
Thai So Good
Twisted Fern
Cantina Mexican Restaurant
Adrenaline Lacrosse
Uplift Gift
Alaska Fur Gallery
Catwalk Couture 
Beekman 1802 Almanac - 2016 Spring edition
Temple Har Shalom
Park City School District
Align Spa
Femme Fitale Fitness gloves
In This Week - magazine
Southwest Flair - magazine 
Park City Arts Fest Kimball Arts Center
Habitat for Humanity
Schmapp Maps of Chicago
Park City High School Football
Park City Lacrosse - sports
Trog - product photos Outback Cooker - product packaging photos
SnowLizard Designs - Product photography
Mountain High Dentistry
NOW Salt Lake - weekly news magazine
Blind Dog Grill
Park City Gun Club
ANP Lighting : product on location photos for brochure and web,
Donna McAleer for Senate Park City Magazine - Summer 2012 issue
Patron Tequila - Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Classic
Angry Porcupine Designs - private client
Levitin Group
Basin Recreation - (Zumba)
FX Network 
Park City Medical Center
Planned Parenthood Sundance 2013
TeamGo! - Sundance House
Above and Beyond
RMC Private clients
Aventura Magazine , Moms That Rock,
K2 Dentistry : Knight and Knight
Chabad Park City
Field Innovation Team / Wired Magazine UK
Elume Lighting
Chateaux Realty
Turnkey Vacation Rentals
With A Twist
Molly Blooms

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