Interior of medical office

All of our images are photographed with a Nikon or Sony Mirrorless full frame DSLR and processed using Lightroom and Photoshop software.  We use only high quality wide angle lenses to capture the nuances and highlights of your property. Each image is examined for color balance, perspective correction (straight lines), sharpened. Images are returned to you via web with easy access.  Reproducible rights are granted to the original client only.  

Base price:

Condo or home

up to 1000'     $150
up to 2500'     $200
up to 4000'     $350
Estate (over 4000')    $450             

Add number of photos

10                        $100
20                        $200
extra images         $10 ea.
(10 image minimum)


Twilight images (return to site)
includes two exterior images

4000' home with 20 images , return at twilight
350 + 200 +200 = 750

700' rental condo with 12 images
150 + 120 =  270


*Outside of Park City is considered any distance greater than 15 miles from Kimball Junction.  A time charge will be applied at $60 per hour, billable in 15 minute intervals. This does not include airfare, lodging at destinations (if applicable).  

Tax is mandatory and additional at 8.45% in Summit County.  EIN number to be provided for businesses upon request. 

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