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What to wear to your branding and / or headshot session depends upon how you'd like to be portrayed. If you are a business professional who dresses in more formal manner, say suit and tie or dress, then wearing this business specific attire is recommended. We also advise to bring an additional change of clothes.

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Color Palettes

One easy way to get everyone on the same page to look unified is to create a color palette. 

Color palette samples can easily be shared online via Pinterest.  I had one client who offered this: go to your local paint store, and pick  up a few paint swatches, and mail them to the various families. Brilliant!

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A family appears unified when a color palette is discussed ahead of time. Here are some helpful hints:

Neutral fabrics and colors work well- Solid colors outfits,"light on light", "dark on dark" tones look fabulous. 

Add color with the children's outfits, accessories, scarf, or tie.

Avoid strong patterns, stripes, and logos.

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Little things

It seems obvious, but here is a short list of little things...

Manicure your nails! Light tones are best. 

Hair color: Retouch your roots within the week prior to your session. It is very difficult to "color your hair" in retouching. 

Hair cut: New haircuts are often "not yet trained".   Plan the haircut a few days prior to the session.

Socks: With a family portrait, it is important to wear neutral toned socks that blend with your pant color. 

Teeth: remember to brush and floss prior to your session.  

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You are beautiful as you are. However, often the question is asked, "How can I look ...svelte?"

Dark clothing tends to slenderize, as does wearing all one color which has the effect of elongating, making one appear taller and thinner. 

Wearing long sleeves and looser sleeves rather than short sleeves or caps sleeves thins the arms. 

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Glasses which cause glare across the eyeballs are not retouchable. Solutions: Go without; visit your optometrist and borrow frames without glass. We can also angle the glasses slightly to combat the glare during your session. 

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