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My Style Matters

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My fight to find answers to questions about protocol, treatments,  and cancer in general brought me to a breast cancer training retreat in California.  There, I met many dynamic woman, but one woman of color stood out in her passion - finding a way to help breast cancer patients in Atlanta by supplying wigs, emotional support, food, and so much more. 

Tiah Tomlin's 501 c3 organization, My Style Matters, supports all women. Learn more about her here: My Style Matters

Donating up to 75% of your session buy-out fee to My Style Matters provides you with a great tax deduction, and the women of Atlanta with a bit more help from Tiah. 

Mini-session buy-out $500. x 75 = $375. to My Style Matters $125 to Park City Photographers

One hour session buy-out $1200   $900 to My Style Matters $300 to Park City Photographers

Once you donate, let me know the email address associated with your donation. I'll confirm with Tiah, I'll invoice you for the remainder.  

Thank you, for supporting this great organization! 

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